Saturday, May 10, 2014

The present configuration of my Yipsan 650b fighter

It's changed a bit over the last year.  Mainly the cockpit.  I'm much happier with it this way however.

The new Jones bars are super comfortable.  My only grip is positioning the brakes and shifters.  I wish the shifters were a bit closer.  Mainly for easier shifting.  However this set up is working nicely.

The Revelate Design bags have held up very well.  Lots of room for everything right now.  When we get to bikepacking that may change.

My tracker, partner in crime and ever present eyes and ears.  This little 705 is such a great unit.  It does so much more then the little I use it for.

Great levers so far.  I've only had them on for a month or so now.  They seem to be doing a great job.

A friend asked me why my grips were on backwards.  I told him they weren't.  It's the new GC-1 Ergon's.  Make for a very comfortable fit.

The other new thing is a set of 535 Shimano pedals.  They make getting in and out so much smoother then my old Coda pedals I had on.

The drivetrain hasn't changed much.  I do have a XTR rear der waiting in the wings when this one fails.

Velocity rims.  Running them tubeless.

Microshifter's I bought when I finally decided to get rid of the drop bar.  They don't miss a beat.

My beat and bruised Maxxis Crossmarks.  Great tires.  Running these tubeless.  The sploch at the top is sealant that's sealed a leak.

 My under the seat bag.  It does it's job well.

This Liberty Mountain bag is a bit of a trash can at times but it works out well.  For $5bucks you can't go wrong.  You can sort of see the Pivot stem peaking out.  I bought it to fit the new bar.  I needed to see if a 100mm 10degree rise would work.  It does.  It'll be replaced with a Thomson soon enough.

This side entry bottle cage knows no equal.  It's been great.

Well there she is.  If you have any questions let me know.  I'll try to answer them.