Sunday, March 9, 2014

Problem spots...Maybe?

I have a few concerns with my current restoration.  I don't remember the corosion being son bad when I first painted many years ago.  There's only a few spots but still.  We'll see what everything looks like after a few coats of primer.

Nothing wrong with this...

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Let the painting begin!

After a little time with the wire wheel, sand paper and various other paint removing things the Montagner is ready for primer.  Anxious to see what the color combinations will look like tomorrow on the test tubes.

Test tubes..

Since I have two color combinations(Blue/Black and Metallic Blue/Metallic Black) I'd like to try out I bought a little pvc to try out the colors before actually putting it on the bike.  They both have a single coat of primer on them right now and will have two more by the end of the day tomorrow.


Got all the old parts off the frame and gave it a light sanding to open up the pores on the paint.  I've found that the chemical stripper works better that way.  Took a couple tries but the stripper got 92% of the paint off.  The rest I'd have to get off by hand.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Time for a re-restoration....Montagner Roadie -

Many years ago a friend of mine (You know who you are) thought I needed to have a road bike.  So since we were pretty similar in height and inseam.  He gave me his old racing frame.  A very cool lugged steel Italian Montagner.  About 12 years ago I did a half assed job of fixing it up.  Scrapped a different road bike and used the parts on the Montagner.  Gave it a flat black paint job and called it good.  Well with the possibility of riding with a group on the road looming this spring I figured I should be better represented since I am the president of the newly formed WNBC.

Here it is before I stripped it down.  I'll be reusing parts of the drivetrain, wheels, headset and stem(for now).

I came up with a few new paint schemes.

Breast Cancer Scheme
Irish Version
Colon Cancer Scheme
After posting up on facebook and taking the votes from my peers.  Votes came in about 50/50.  With my Dads current health I came up with this final design.  Dave from Redstone Cyclery said that if it's old and Italian it needs chrome.  So I'll show the rear chrome.

I have new bits to go on like, brake levers, brakes, seatpost, seat, bar, bartape and a new set of tires.  I'm going to strip the frame down to steel.  I'm going to do some practice tubes out of PVC so I can get the fade in the top, down and seat tubes right.  I'm thinking I might use Mom's cutter and make some templates for the fades.  Do some triangles that will give the fade a cool look.  Stay tuned....more to come.