Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Time for a re-restoration....Montagner Roadie -

Many years ago a friend of mine (You know who you are) thought I needed to have a road bike.  So since we were pretty similar in height and inseam.  He gave me his old racing frame.  A very cool lugged steel Italian Montagner.  About 12 years ago I did a half assed job of fixing it up.  Scrapped a different road bike and used the parts on the Montagner.  Gave it a flat black paint job and called it good.  Well with the possibility of riding with a group on the road looming this spring I figured I should be better represented since I am the president of the newly formed WNBC.

Here it is before I stripped it down.  I'll be reusing parts of the drivetrain, wheels, headset and stem(for now).

I came up with a few new paint schemes.

Breast Cancer Scheme
Irish Version
Colon Cancer Scheme
After posting up on facebook and taking the votes from my peers.  Votes came in about 50/50.  With my Dads current health I came up with this final design.  Dave from Redstone Cyclery said that if it's old and Italian it needs chrome.  So I'll show the rear chrome.

I have new bits to go on like, brake levers, brakes, seatpost, seat, bar, bartape and a new set of tires.  I'm going to strip the frame down to steel.  I'm going to do some practice tubes out of PVC so I can get the fade in the top, down and seat tubes right.  I'm thinking I might use Mom's cutter and make some templates for the fades.  Do some triangles that will give the fade a cool look.  Stay tuned....more to come.
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