Thursday, January 28, 2016

#5 - Yipsan Njörðr

This one is pretty special to me.  This one is a custom job.  Made by Reynold Yip.  It wasn't made for me but for the North American Handmade Bike Show.  It saw the big show and was passed around to a bunch of other places for reviews.  It was 650b before 650b was cool. Njörðr the nordic god of the wind.

#4 - Balfa DJ

Like my Dekerf this bike has come to me by the way of my Canadian connection Simon.  This was a friends bike that he thought I might like and I do.  Pretty sure it's a Balfa Minuteman.  I run a 24" wheel out back and a 26"wheel in front.  They tell me it's for better acceleration.  I have no idea.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

2010 Turner 5spot - #3

I have wanted a Turner for a long time.  When my Grand mother passed away she left all her grand kids a little money.  This is what I got with a portion of that.  I bought it from Redstone Cyclery in Lyon's Colorado.  I called Dave Chase and he set me up with this beauty.  She's seen a few years now but she's just as stunning as ever.  I changed the front shifter to a thumbie.  Which I do on almost all my bikes.  Recently I put new tires on it and the Maxxis rubber has made a huge difference. 

Dekerf Generation - #2

This bike came to me from a friend in Canada.  Simon Freer and I have been friends for a long long time.  This frame didn't fit him quite right.  So some how back in the day I managed to pay for it.  Out fitted it with bits and pieces that I had at the time and got to riding.  It's been upgraded over the years.  The front disc brake.  The front fork and rear magura hs33 rim brake.  The cranks have been changed multiple times.  Recently I changed out the handle bars to find a pink super short RaceFace riser in my hands.  Times have changed.  However this bike just keeps kicking out good rides.  If I know it's not gonna be to bumpy this is the bike I bring.  Fast and nimble, great on the climbs.  She's a little dirty from riding on the rack so please forgive the bugs.

Montagner Road Bike - #1

Well this is the first out of ten(I think ten) posts about the bikes that I ride.  I have a bunch of bikes.  However these are the one's that get ridden year in and year out.  Some I've only had for a little while.  Some much longer.  Like the Montagner here.  I've had this one for a LONG time.  This frame was given to me by a long time friend Dave Noji.  I had made the comment that I didn't have a road bike.  Well he just happened to have a old racing frame around that he gave to me on one of my trips to California to ride mountain bikes.  It didn't get built up for years.  Finally I stripped it down, found parts for it and got it running.  I think it's a bit small for me, but it works.  It's one of my oldest bikes.