Thursday, January 21, 2016

Montagner Road Bike - #1

Well this is the first out of ten(I think ten) posts about the bikes that I ride.  I have a bunch of bikes.  However these are the one's that get ridden year in and year out.  Some I've only had for a little while.  Some much longer.  Like the Montagner here.  I've had this one for a LONG time.  This frame was given to me by a long time friend Dave Noji.  I had made the comment that I didn't have a road bike.  Well he just happened to have a old racing frame around that he gave to me on one of my trips to California to ride mountain bikes.  It didn't get built up for years.  Finally I stripped it down, found parts for it and got it running.  I think it's a bit small for me, but it works.  It's one of my oldest bikes.

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