Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It was the Fourth of July - Part 2

Joab and I arrived in Winter Park at about eight at Saturday night. The Woodspur Lodge is a great place to stay if you can manage it.  Beautiful rooms and a staff that bends over backwards for your requests.  We showered, and cleaned our wounds.  In the morning we woke and ran down to the Mountain Rose for breakfast.  One of two places recommended by the locals.  I didn't have the Bacon Cakes but I was tempted.  Had a great breakfast full of good riding food.  Drove down to the resort and picked up our lift passes. 

Trestle was a blast.  We found a some great runs that fit our ability well.  We followed a really fun trail all the way out past the resort and ended up having to do a little pedaling.  Joab didn't like pedaling much since we'd paid to have the lift do that for us.  Ended up at a little Irish Bar and Grill, watching the Tour and talking about out ride.  Mmmmm Beer.  After many many years I reconnected with a old friend who lives in the area.  We ended up at his house.  Sharing stories and catching up for a few hours.  The next morning we got up, said our goodbyes and hit the road.  Only to sit on the highway for 2.5 hours while crews cleaned up a over turned apple truck.  We finally made it to DIA and picked up Jake.  Sped to Wyoming to buy a few fireworks, then sped home to light them off.  Great 4th!

Monday, July 18, 2011

It was the Fourth of July - Part 1

Curt Gowdy was the first stop on Joab and myself's 4th of July weekend.  We met some other friends and rode with them for the better part of the day.  We ended up doing some stuff we knew and then some we had never seen.  On the last lap I went over the bars and took a good chunk out of my elbow and made some odd writing on my shin.  My friend Pat went over the bars the first lap around, I mimicked him on the next go around and went over in the same place.  We ended up leaving a crowded Gowdy around 2:30pm so we could get up the hill to Winter Park.  We got as far as Fort Collins before a friend called warning us of the hour long congestion going up into the mountains.  We then took our time in Fort Collins finding me a new pair of gloves.(Thanks for the warning Mike!)