Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trips and Fun for 2010

A short list of trips for 2010:

SPE - Paintball in Illinois
Backpacking trip in the Pasture
2nd Annual Guyz and Kids Weekend out.
Mtn.Biking trip to Wyoming

I have a carbiner that has 12 550cord zipper pulls on it.  A goal for camping trips for 2010.  I mean to empty it, and if I can.  Twist a few more trips in.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Coffee Cabin, in Mitchell NE

I've been lucky enough to stop here twice. It's on our route for a few sporting activities. Each time we've stopped the coffee has been excellent. We went in once when we had more time. Theres a huge rock shop thats great for kids and adults. We sat down and had breakfast, which also was excellent

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Railroad Spike knives, do they make good throwers? Ohhh Yeah!

A good friend of mine has been trying his hand at making knifes out of railroad spikes.  We had wondered how they would function as throwing knives.  After putting a very basic edge on the top spike, I was very very suprised.  With the huge bolster on the back I wasn't sure.  After a few throws I was in love.  With the heavy weight of the knife, it makes throwing them almost effortless.  I know that doesn't sound quite right, but with a heavier knife, you don't have to THROW it as hard, you just let it fly.  After having so much success throwing the top knife, my son brought out the knife that had been made for him, with the twisted handle.  I again was skeptical because of the twisted handle.  Again I was amazed at how easily they fly out of your hand.  With a slight adjustment in throwing I was able to repeat everything I did with the other knife.  If you couldn't tell from reading all this, I was impressed.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More knife wrapping

Finally got some time tonight to tie up a couple more knifes.  One is a Cabela's knife and the other is a Gerber.  The Cabela's knife has been modified by taking out a finger hold that resided towards the front of the grip.  I didn't underwrap the Gerber because the extra finger hold was still there.  I think it turned out really nice.  The Gerber blade is titanium coated and I couldn't even mar it with another knife blade.  I think I'll be making one of these for myself!

From Drop Box

From Drop Box

From Drop Box
Light nylon string for backing and 550 cord for grip wrap. I added the skulls to the end as a nice finishing touch.

From Drop Box

From Drop Box

Simple Gerber knife with 550 cord wrap. Added beads to the end for a little something.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

440 cord creations.

I know, I know..it's paracord or 550 cord but I get a chuckle out of my boys when I call it 440 cord.  Here's a bunch of stuff I've been messing around with.  Forgive the pics I took them with my droid and the ones with the reflective threads in them came out a little weird.

From Zeroack

This was a Cabela's bamboo handled knife.  I took off the bamboo and filed away the extra finger hold.  Then wrapped with small yellow cord, then with 550 cord.  It turned out so good I've got to make two more for people in the office.

From Zeroack
This is a .40cal bullet that I tied some small yellow cord around.  The cord has reflective threads in it and that messes up the pics.  Works good as a keychain.  I have a version of this but I used 550 cord for mine.

From Zeroack
Here's a bunch of misc stuff I just have sitting at the office that I tie when I get bored.  Zipper pulls and what knot...hehe...knot.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wolfgang Puck's Provence French Roast - Review

From Drop Box

This was on the shelf the same time I bought the Peet's and for the price I had to give it a try.  After opening it up it smelled very earthy and like dark chocolate cake.  After brewing it had a very rich aroma that again echoed the earlier earthiness.   A slight smell of cinnamon.  A very dark rich coffee.  Slightly spicy with a taste that seems to stick to the top of your mouth.  With my normal amount of sugar it still retains the kick in the back of your mouth.  Sweeter, more chocolate then carmel, but very drinkable.  A very good buy for $4.00 a pound.  It does lack the overall finish of a high end coffee.  It's more like a using 5lb sledge to get a nail pounded in that just needed a much lighter hammer.

I think 939 is dead for me now...

I think I fried my last 939 motherboard last night.  It was a board that was given to me from a friend and was all ready glitchy to start with.  Had problems shutting of and then later had problems of just shutting off on it's own.  Well last night it would boot, be active for about 30-60 seconds then lock up.  So after powering off and on for awhile, trying to find out what's wrong...it just died.  Then came the tell-tale sign it was really gone....the smell of something burning.  No small tendrils of smoke, just the smell.  I then looked around on the net for a bit but just can't bring myself to order up a new mother board for $60-$80 bucks for old tech.  So I think my dual core processers(yes plural, I have another good processer sitting in another dead board) are going to head to ebay.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bud K throwing knives.

I looked all over the site for the exact ones I had and couldn't find them. My review could explain that a bit. They were large sized throwing knives. About eight inchs in over all lenght. They were well weighted and had a good feel in your hand. They performed well for about three outings. Then out of the blue in I broke them all. All of them snapped in half within

Peet's Sumatra Coffee.

From Drop Box

I had a coupon for Peet's coffee and just happen to be in need of some sort of coffee for work.  So I picked up a pound of Peet's Sumatra.  Brought it to work and opened it up.  I could only get per ground.  No whole bean option at the Safeway I had the coupon too.  The grounds smelt like dark toast, not burnt, but dark.  I brewed 8 cups with 10 measured scoops of grounds.  The brewed coffee has a very light smell to me.  It almost smells like a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie and honey baked ham.  A few sips of straight coffee and I'm not totally impressed.  There is a good coffee flavor, but not the punch you would get from Starbucks Sumatra.  This coffee falls in line with most other store branded Sumatra's.  Stronger then normal coffee but not up to a Whole foods, or Starbucks Sumatra.  After adding my usual amount of sugar, this coffee is rather pleasing.  It looses a lot of it's coffee taste and turns more to a caramel flavor.  Very nice.  In the end, if you have a two dollar off coupon for Peet's Sumatra, give it a try.  It's not the best in my opinion but no where close to the worst either.