Tuesday, February 9, 2010

440 cord creations.

I know, I know..it's paracord or 550 cord but I get a chuckle out of my boys when I call it 440 cord.  Here's a bunch of stuff I've been messing around with.  Forgive the pics I took them with my droid and the ones with the reflective threads in them came out a little weird.

From Zeroack

This was a Cabela's bamboo handled knife.  I took off the bamboo and filed away the extra finger hold.  Then wrapped with small yellow cord, then with 550 cord.  It turned out so good I've got to make two more for people in the office.

From Zeroack
This is a .40cal bullet that I tied some small yellow cord around.  The cord has reflective threads in it and that messes up the pics.  Works good as a keychain.  I have a version of this but I used 550 cord for mine.

From Zeroack
Here's a bunch of misc stuff I just have sitting at the office that I tie when I get bored.  Zipper pulls and what knot...hehe...knot.
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