Sunday, February 14, 2010

Railroad Spike knives, do they make good throwers? Ohhh Yeah!

A good friend of mine has been trying his hand at making knifes out of railroad spikes.  We had wondered how they would function as throwing knives.  After putting a very basic edge on the top spike, I was very very suprised.  With the huge bolster on the back I wasn't sure.  After a few throws I was in love.  With the heavy weight of the knife, it makes throwing them almost effortless.  I know that doesn't sound quite right, but with a heavier knife, you don't have to THROW it as hard, you just let it fly.  After having so much success throwing the top knife, my son brought out the knife that had been made for him, with the twisted handle.  I again was skeptical because of the twisted handle.  Again I was amazed at how easily they fly out of your hand.  With a slight adjustment in throwing I was able to repeat everything I did with the other knife.  If you couldn't tell from reading all this, I was impressed.
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