Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I think 939 is dead for me now...

I think I fried my last 939 motherboard last night.  It was a board that was given to me from a friend and was all ready glitchy to start with.  Had problems shutting of and then later had problems of just shutting off on it's own.  Well last night it would boot, be active for about 30-60 seconds then lock up.  So after powering off and on for awhile, trying to find out what's just died.  Then came the tell-tale sign it was really gone....the smell of something burning.  No small tendrils of smoke, just the smell.  I then looked around on the net for a bit but just can't bring myself to order up a new mother board for $60-$80 bucks for old tech.  So I think my dual core processers(yes plural, I have another good processer sitting in another dead board) are going to head to ebay.
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