Friday, February 12, 2016

#7 - Slingshot Road

This one came into my hands in a sort of odd way.  A fan of Slingshots picked this one up in Durango Colorado for super cheap.  He didn't have the time to mess with it so he passed it on to me.  I've up graded a few bits and pieces but it's stayed pretty much the same.  It's a great road bike.

#6 - Ganna commuter.

This one came to me in a pretty unusual way.  Our club helped out with Recycle cycle event this last year.  This one came in and had a pair of bent up wheels.  Which usually means strip it and junk it.  I noticed that it had Campagnolo components on it.  I knew enough that it was old and Campy parts usually make it a little higher end.  So instead of junking the bike I put it in the back of the truck and took it home.  I've changed a few things on this ol' ride.  The cranks were shot so I put on new square taper cranks and got rid of the cotter key cranks.  I changed out the headset and got a new set of wheels for it.  I also put on some new brake pads, hoods for the brake levers, chain, cassette and bar tape.  Everything works great.  I've got a Chris King headset to put on it this year some time.  It's just a great bike.