Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Commute - 7.17.2012

This mornings commute was awesome. Could have been awesomer(yes it becomes a real word if I type it on the internet) if I'd just had a tad more gearing on the single speed. I came into the climb up the hill this morning about 20yards behind a roadie in full kit. He was keeping a nice easy pace and I thought, maybe I can catch up and say hi. The idea of me on a rigid single speed mountain bike catching up with this guy just made me smile. So I threw some extra coal on the fire and opened up the steam. I was spinning as fast as I could and just didn't have the gearing to catch him. If I'd had the slingshot, I would have but, it also wouldn't have been as sweet. Gears make it feel like cheating. So it's time to change the ratio on the SS. Something to give me a little more top end.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The 4th of July - Bikes, Barns and Booms.

A short sweet ride ended at Luke Fasoldt's house.  Where his barn had tried to fly a few nights earlier.  Bit by bit, slice by slice we moved the barn from it's new resting place to a pit.  Much quicker then we all expected we were done.  We enjoyed some fireworks, friends and food.  Can't ask for more.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Hammer - The rise of a bottle opener

A good buddy of mine came knocking yesterday afternoon. He has a small forge and recently has been wanting to make some bottle openers to sell at fairs and gatherings and such. The problem is my buddy doesn't drink. So he had to come to me to test it out.

The design works very well.  I was successful in opening multiple beers for myself and friends.  It has a great look and becomes quite the conversation piece.  I'm guessing he'll eventually want this one back and I'll have to commission him to make me a few.  Till then this one will keep opening beers and spreading joy to the world.