Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Commute - 7.17.2012

This mornings commute was awesome. Could have been awesomer(yes it becomes a real word if I type it on the internet) if I'd just had a tad more gearing on the single speed. I came into the climb up the hill this morning about 20yards behind a roadie in full kit. He was keeping a nice easy pace and I thought, maybe I can catch up and say hi. The idea of me on a rigid single speed mountain bike catching up with this guy just made me smile. So I threw some extra coal on the fire and opened up the steam. I was spinning as fast as I could and just didn't have the gearing to catch him. If I'd had the slingshot, I would have but, it also wouldn't have been as sweet. Gears make it feel like cheating. So it's time to change the ratio on the SS. Something to give me a little more top end.
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