Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Peet's Sumatra Coffee.

From Drop Box

I had a coupon for Peet's coffee and just happen to be in need of some sort of coffee for work.  So I picked up a pound of Peet's Sumatra.  Brought it to work and opened it up.  I could only get per ground.  No whole bean option at the Safeway I had the coupon too.  The grounds smelt like dark toast, not burnt, but dark.  I brewed 8 cups with 10 measured scoops of grounds.  The brewed coffee has a very light smell to me.  It almost smells like a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie and honey baked ham.  A few sips of straight coffee and I'm not totally impressed.  There is a good coffee flavor, but not the punch you would get from Starbucks Sumatra.  This coffee falls in line with most other store branded Sumatra's.  Stronger then normal coffee but not up to a Whole foods, or Starbucks Sumatra.  After adding my usual amount of sugar, this coffee is rather pleasing.  It looses a lot of it's coffee taste and turns more to a caramel flavor.  Very nice.  In the end, if you have a two dollar off coupon for Peet's Sumatra, give it a try.  It's not the best in my opinion but no where close to the worst either.
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