Monday, December 21, 2015

Topcap for the Monster

With the fat bike coming along so nicely I decided It needed a bit more bling.  I looked around he web for a purple top cap.  What I found was pretty disappointing.  Most of them were from overseas and just plain purple top caps.  I had remembered seeing a place that did custom top caps.  You submit your design and they engrave it for you.  So again I headed back to the web and found a few places and finally decided to give a try.  After I found there downloadable template with the helpful instructions I opened up Illustrator and went to work.  I had the basics to work from.  If it was to be a Purple People Eater.  It had to fly, have one big horn and one big eye.  I had a few sketches I had done earlier.  They were more for a illustration that I want to do on the front fork.  However they would be a good starting place for my design.
So I printed out a bunch of the templates side by side on a piece of paper.  Then I started sketching again.  Getting the little monster to conform to the space given.  I had laid out six templates.  I figured I'd fill all six and get the little devil out of my system.
I then took a few of these in to Illustrator and made a functional design out of them.  I took my three favorite.  Top right, Bottom left and Middle left.  Then I went a step further and put them on a purple top cap.  Using Photoshop it wasn't that hard.  I also found a gold binder bolt.

I decided I liked the one with the Narwhal like horn.  So I packaged up the AI file just the way they asked and sent it off.  Now when I sent it off I didn't expect such a quick turn around.  I must have sent it off at about 10am in the morning.  By 4pm in the afternoon it was done and on it's way to me.

Not too far off of my photoshop job.  I like it.  I think it'll make a great top cap.  When I get it and get it on the Alubooyah I'll take some more pics.

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