Monday, December 14, 2015

Present state of Phat

Getting the Chris King headset installed this weekend was a .... well hard.  I had to modify the headset a bit to get it to fit correctly.  So right now I need to finish off the brake routing, add the rotors and tighten everything down.  I may have to bleed the brakes I'm not sure.  The drive train needs a chain of which I have two.  Need to measure it out and get it on.  Need to run cables and adjust both derailleurs.  I need to get my fatty Strippers in and get both tires running tubeless.  Add some grips to the "Ugly White" bar, that will be taken off the minute I get enough dough to get a purple bar.  Then fit the whole thing to my riding position.  Not sure exactly what that will be on a fat bike but I have plenty of adjustment in the seat and 3-4 stems I can try out as well.  It's not together yet but it's getting closer.  Eventually I want to paint the front fork purple and get some other purple bits for it.  Time and a bit of money.
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