Monday, August 18, 2008

Bike riding to work in the morning

Riding to work this morning was phenomenal.  There was a heavy heavy fog and at 5:30 am only a bit of sun peaking up in the east.  I was barely out of my door and I could tell it was going to be one of those rides.  The type of rides that reward you for getting out the door when you think you would have rather drove.  Riding in the fog was awesome.  A little scary I'll admit too.  Knowing cars will have less of a chance to see you.  It was like riding in a holo-suite of some sort.  like being enclosed in a 20 yard sphere of white haze for the first couple miles.  A little further and the top came off the dome.  The the east was a distant glow from the sun and to the west a full moon descending into the fog.  I stopped once to get all the condensation off my glasses and pull he bike in too the small ring up front(no front der. yet)  I did a steady 10 mph up the hill.

There is one thing I wish I could do.  I wish I could program my brain to try as hard to dissuade me from eating that bowl of ice cream at 10pm as it does trying to get me to drive instead of bike.  I'd be a different man if I could.

Sound track for the ride...Dido summer 2008 mixtape
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