Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thank you cycling

Thank you cycling.  I just felt this was worth mention.  Awhile back I committed to a weekend mtn. Bike trip.  Little Did I know then how it would change things.  I started looking back at the fun I had on a bike.  All the friends I made and trips I took.  Then I started thinking that this trip would be a lot more fun if I were in some sort of shape.  I dropped by and browsed thru a few posts.  I was so inspired by some of the photography there.  I've mounted new brakes on my bike, I've put on new wheels also.  I'm excited again.  I've quit drinking pop, started looking hard at how much sugar is going in my body.  I've nixed caffeine altogether.  That's a hard one.  The wake up call was how hard it was on the second day thou.  Man did that hurt.

So thank you cycling for making me look at myself.
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