Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2010 Turner 5 Spot

Well this is my review on my first new bike in over 10 years.  So if it's a little jaded I'm sorry.  I spent most of the summer questioning what bike I would like.  I wanted a do-all full suspension bike.  Early in the summer I picked up a very used 1999 Specialized FSR enduro.  Ended up upgrading the fork twice, and adding a new rear derailer.  Great bike, just a little dated.  I rode three or four other bikes at the Specialized event.  I really really liked the Epic.  Felt like a lightly suspended version of my Dekerf HT.  I rode a ton of bikes in the parking lots.  Read specs for hours.  Reviews for even longer.  Eventually I ordered the 5 Spot.  I saved a good chunk of money by getting a 2010 model.  The differences were small between the 2011 and 2010.  None of the changes really offered me any benefit for my style of riding.   After waiting a few weeks my youngest son and I went and picked it up.  We took it out for some cross country riding only a few minutes after getting it.  The next day we took it to the slopes of Keystone for a day of gravity riding.
 The bike was amazing.  Climbs great and keeps the rear tire planted on the ground.  It goes down just as well.  I haven't ridden it enough to dial in the suspension.  The shock isn't working with all it's travel yet.  I need to play with it more to figure out whats going on.  Right now I'm just comparing this bike to my Dekerf, the FSR, and my old GT LTS.  It pedals a lot like the FSR but moves thru the travel much much better.  Pedals more efficiently also.  As with all things....More research is necessary.
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