Monday, June 6, 2011

Operation CG11_1

Operation CG11_1 started in the wee hours of the morning on June 4th 2011.

Operation goals:
1) Aquaire Joab Olsen at DIA
2) Proceed to CGRA* ASAP     *=Curt Gowdy Rec Area
3) Establish base camp
4) Recon area again...and again...and again

Joab's flight arrived at 7:20am so Jake and I had to get a early start from the farm. 
We made it to DIA with no problems.  Just some minor flopping of the bike rack we were using.  I haven't bought a rack for the top of the Mazda yet so we are using a hitch rack.  It's not ideal for us really.  It does hold all our bike and allow us to carry all the camping gear we need however.  While waiting for Joab to come in at Denver my phone decided to go on the fritz.  Luckily Joab spotted his Dad's gleaming bald head.  I signed for my son and we were off.  Joab being the ultra smart traveler he is, didn't check a bag and just brought his carry-ons.  
We loaded up and high tailed it to Curt Gowdy.  The Woman at the front desk said she was pretty sure they were full but we could look and see if there was a spot.  We drove right to the place we camped the year before and picked a nice spot.  Not crowded at all.  We set up camp and then jumped on the bikes....and when I say Jump I mean Jumped.
Jake and I stopped at the Specialized demo booth and checked out a pair of hardtail 29er's.  After we returned him Jake made a new friend.
We took a long hike up Crow Creek next to the lake, then jumped on the bikes again and went up to the first playground on Stonetemple loop.  Here's the boys making there way thru the meadow.
When we got done I noticed that the boys had picked up some very cool hair styles.
  We hurried back in time to greet Jen Freer.  She came over from Longmont to camp with us for the night and help the boys with there fire tending skills.  They seem to have gotten pretty rusty.  We ate backpacker meals and then  got the fire stoked up and dug out the marshmallows.
Sunday we woke up, at breakfast and rode to the Specialized shack agan.  I ended up riding three different bikes over the weekend.  First was a Hardtail 29er, Second a Epic 29er and the last a Specialized Camber.  I liked the Camber the best of all of them.  The Epic was the biggest let down.  However all the bikes I rode reassured me that I made the right choice with my Turner.  After riding a bit in Gowdy we headed over to Vedauwoo.  Rode some of the trails around there.

And to finish out the pictures....

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