Friday, March 23, 2012

The Sweet Sweet Smell of the Commute

That is some high quality O2 out there this morning.  Dropped the car off for tires this morning and rode to work.  It was slightly foggy, moist, cool and perfect.  It was a nice steady ride into work.  Totally uneventful.  However, here's the funny thing.  Maybe it's like this for most riders and I'm just now talking about it.  If a car passes me and they are smoking.  I instantly feel like I just took a tug on a cig too.  I can't believe how much it smells.  When walking into the building I noticed the smell of a woman's skin creme.  It smelled like she bathed in the stuff.  The heightened sense of smell does subside.  I just found it odd that it does that.
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