Tuesday, June 11, 2013

KC in a flash

A couple of my friends had already done the leg work and found common ground for all of us.  A meeting place that had each of us suffering the same drive to a place unknown.  As we are spread out over four states(Colorado, Nebraska, Illinois and Texas) this wasn't a easy task.  James and Simon had made the trip once and promised great riding and good beer.  It was to be a whirlwind trip.  Drive down Friday after work.  Get up early, have breakfast then ride.  Rest a bit that evening and then Sunday sprint home.  My friends at work all said I was nuts.  My girlfriend just rolled here eyes and shook her head when I mentioned the trip.  All that driving to see three friends for a day and a half and ride bikes in a place that isn't exactly known for it's great mountain biking.  Meh...I had been promised great beer also so I was in.  Really would have liked to dragged Jake and Joab along.  Get a little riding experience other then what there use to.  However I was told it was a men only weekend.  No kids, No SO's. 

Simon and I both worked a full day then he picked me up from home.  Joab came over and introduced Simon to his dog Princess.  We quickly loaded the bikes and waved goodbye. The drive down didn't seem to take that long.  Anticipation always skews time it's favor.  We stayed up for a bit talking and having a night cap that consisted of local craft beers.  Finally nodding off around 1pm.

After a restful night with very little snoring coming from the other three occupants in the room we headed to a little diner in downtown KC.  I wowed the crowd and ordered up the chicken fried steak and eggs.  I ate slowly as I listened to every one tell me how they looked forward to seeing my breakfast later on while we were riding.  Even after I had finished a lady from another table commented to me how good the chicken fried steak looked.  I told her she should have spoken up earlier.  I would have gladly split it with her.
We headed for the Landahl trails.  A trail system that James and Simon had ridden earlier in the year.  Since we were only riding one day we wanted to be sure we would get in some good trails.  We were lucky and the trails had dried out very nicely.  Still a couple small wet spots, nothing serious.  I haven't ridden trails like these in sometime.  There were a number of differences.  First, these trails were still tacky, almost muddy.  The trails I ride back home are almost always dry as a bone.  Second, when you want your tire to stick you can't count on a rock.  Back home if you didn't want slippage you aimed for a nice rock.  In Curt Gowdy the amount it takes to get a wheel to slip on there granite is staggering.  Not so much in KC.  You slip and slide all over.  Last time I rode trails like this were in Canada.  Many moons ago.  It was nice to have to adapt to another type of terrain.  It made me want to travel more and explore more types of trails.  The trails were a good mix of fast flowing with some techy rock bits thrown in.  I loved it.  Was a great ride.  Too soon we were back in the parking lot packing up the bikes to get some grub. 

Lunch was full of stir fry and a list of beers that goes on and on.  After we hit a little bike store, again in downtown KC.  River Market Cyclery is right next to or breakfast spot.  We had some great conversations with the staff about old bikes and there 40% off rack.  Lots of memories on that rack. Back at the hotel that night we drank more then our share of different beers.  One in particular tasted like it could have taken the paint off of airplane wings or would double as chain degreaser.  I mean I like a good IPA but damn.  Next morning we hit the diner again for some farewell food.  Hugs all around and it was time to go.  The trip home was relatively uneventful with the exception of missing one turn and ending up in the middle of a road bike race. 

Bike and body performed as I expected.  I had a great time and now have a want to return and show the trails to my kids.  I think I'll plan on more then one day however.

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