Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Windstoppers? Helmet Pants? Whosh-me-Nots?

Soooo I showed this to a friend of mine - Kickstarter - Wind-Blox.  After taking a look at it he quickly said "Hmmm wonder if Anna could knit those?".  A few weeks later I found out the answer. After a couple trial fittings I was asked to take them home and use them on a few commutes and see how they worked.  Finally got around to trying them out this morning.  Gotta say.  I hope we can size them down a bit.........

My first thoughts upon seeing on myself was well.... What did the Fox say?  Don't ask me why.  It just struck me that way.  So when riding they do tend to fold back a bit.  They do cure most of the wind noise.  This was my first ride with them so more testing is needed.  I'm just not sure I can be seen doing it.  Anna...any way I can get them in a different color??
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