Wednesday, June 8, 2016

It LIVES!!! well sorta.....

Little update on the old Bridgestone.  I thought it might be nice to have a bike I could lock up outside.  I know this concept is very foriegn to me.  I usually...almost always take my bikes in doors with me.  I've reused almost all the parts.  Adjusting the V-Brakes was a little tricky but I think what I've done will work.  They might need some fine tuning.  Re-hung the 105 Shimano rear derailleur.  Cleaned it up a bit.  Put a nice prologo saddle on top of the seat post that came with the bike.  Added some mustache bars and funky older brake levers that I had sitting around.  I have a more better front derailleur coming in the mail, as well as some funky grey camo bar tape.  I need a set of tires and have been looking at different gravel tires.  I haven't found a set that fits into my budget yet.  Which is CHEAP!  I found some Continental Speed King's used on ebay but I think the seller wanted a bit to much for them.  I really wish I could find some 700c Knards.  Something will turn up I'm sure.  I might get some foamy grips also, haven't made up my mind yet.  If it turns out to be a decent roller I might strip the paint off of her and clear coat it.  IF it's a good roller.

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