Thursday, May 31, 2007

MSR Pocket Rocket Stove

First impressions : Well it's small. Like most "screw on top" of stoves it's darn small and light. The arms of the stove seem well made and will be stable with a larger pot on them. It comes in a nifty plastic container so it won't get lost in your pack.(yes it's that small)

Well when I was fitting the Backpack yesterday I figured I might as a well see how the stove works in the wind. The wind wasn't terrible. I'd say probably between 10-15 mph. Setting these little stoves up is super easy. My one worry is how much fuel will be used boiling water? I know it depends on altitude and a lot of other variables. I screwed the fuel source on to the bottom of the stove and fired it right up with a match. I shut it off and moved the stove so it was directly in the wind no shelter from my body at all and again no problem lighting. I also tried lighting with my small butane lighter. Again no problem. We'll see how she boils water soon enough.

Update: June 3rd 2007

Took the little stove out for a overnighter. I boiled water twice and made some scrabled eggs in the morning. It worked great for both. From the weight of my fuel can it didn't use a lot of fuel either. I was able to turn it down and gently cook the eggs. I was impressed.
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