Sunday, June 3, 2007

Test Outing

Well I decide to take a little hike and test out some of the new gear. It was a simple plan. Pack up the stuff. Take a little hike down to the pasture and camp out. I gathered up the last few remaining things. Then headed out. I haven't seen the pastures like this in years. Most of the pasture had at least 12" growth on it. It made for a very green trip. I took a ton of pictures of wildflowers and some scenic shots. All these photo's can be seen here...
Test outing
It was odd hiking down in the pasture that I'd known so well as a kid. There were alot of familiar points, lots of memories. The pack for the trip was the XPG ultralight. Read the review further down or click on the link on the side. I'll also be writing some reviews on the food, tent, sleeping pad and more.

I finally found a some what level place to set up. The sun had gone down but it was still pretty light. I set up the tent, blew up the airmattress and pulled out the sleeping bag in hopes it woudl gain a bit of loft. The tent was smaller then I expected. I guess I really didn't know what to expect. My old Timberlite had room enough for my pack and me. I guess I was hoping this one would be that big also. The XPG ultralight tent was a breeze to set up. Two poles..boom done. I cooked some Kung Puo Chicken for supper. I remember the freeze dried food being better. Maybe it's just what I picked out. I hope so. I wasn't impressed with the Kung puo. I had forgotten my silver wear at home so I had to think of something else. I grabed my knife and hacked off a huge thick stem of a yuca plant. I made a sort of flat spot on the end and used it as my stir stick and spoon. It didn't work half bad.

I had forgotten that freeze dried food came in 2 servings per pouch. There was more then enough for me and easily another person. After dinner I decided to try one of the power bars. Yea I know I didn't need it but I wanted to try it. It's been years since i've had one. They never use to agree with me. This one was what they call a Triple Threat. It was good. Still had the protein bar taste a bit, but over all it was good. I could eat them again. I headed to bed around 9pm. I was rudely awoken about 10:30pm. I must have been near a den or in the prime hunting grounds or I just smelled different, any how I totally upset this coyote. He bugged me for better then 2hours. I got out and shined my head lamp on him or her. I could see two little red eyes in the distance. I yelled at it, threw rocks but none of that really had any impact on it wanting to leave. So I finally just gave up and figured it would have to come thru my tent to get to me. So I fell asleep only to get up again at 2am. I just ignored it then. I had a heck of a time staying warm. The Eureka bag I was in was suppose to be a +30 bag. Well it must have meant 10+30 cause it wasn't doing a good job of getting me warm at all. The bag was cramped, I think that was part of the problem. I still had on socks, pants and two shirts. Needless to say that bag is headed back to the store. The next morning I got up, made coffee, and eggs. The egg mix had a bit too much chili powder in them for me.
Still I cooked eggs on a backpack stove. That is a first for me. I packed back up and headed home. Got home took a nap and headed to work to make up some hours for my little bro's wedding that's coming up soon. It was a good time.
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