Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A new love...

Well I'm hooked. I've been pulled in. I finally gave into the hype and tried a few of the new "quick dry" shirts. I bought three brands: Cabela's, NorthFace and Columbia. All three brands work very well. The main difference I can tell is that the NorthFace and Columbia are slightly easier to wear. The cut and feel of the NorthFace is great. It almost feels like a cotten t-shirt. I look forward to trying them in a more active setting. For now my tests have been to subject them to my children and squirt guns. They dry almost instantly. I was very impressed by the NorthFace t-shirt like qualities. My only dislike is I feel like they may snag more. A cotton shirt feels heavier, more rugged. These shirts at there core are light and fast drying. I'll write more on them after I get a longer hike to test them on.
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