Tuesday, June 5, 2007

In with the New out with the Old

Well I have returned both Eureka sleeping bags that I'd bought in the past. This past outing just goes to show me that for somethings there is no substitute for quality. I had remembered seeing a Wiggy's sleeping bag in the bargin cave. I was looking for bags, backpacks, stoves and tents. I passed it over cause it was bland(all black) and pretty nondescript. After freezing by glutamus maximus off this last weekend, I started looking at options to replace the now large hole in my backpacking equipment. I mean with out a sleeping bag your pretty much stuck at home. I've never liked down. The idea of freezing to death inside of goose feathers has never appealed to me. I looked thru the catalog a bit, t I started reading about the wiggy's bag system. They have a system that they developed for the Marines and Navy Seals. It's a two part system. The first part is a bag that's rated for zero degree temps. The next is a outer bag that's rated at 30 degree temps. Both together are rated at -40. It uses a insulation called lamilite. I didn't know much about them However the price was right and so was the weight. So I picked it up.

I just got done looking at Wiggy's web site . There "about" page is awesome. I then clicked over to there Newsletter. Ohhh my, I am one proud owner. I mean I haven't even spent a night in the sleeping bag yet and I love this sleeping bag. I think the newsletter alone added 10 degree's of warmth to the sleeping bag.
I encourage everyone to check out there news letter if not for the info on the product then do it for the info on our sometimes backwards government. I'll even make it really easy...Newsletter
Don't think just click and read. I can't say how much I'm looking forward to trying this bag out.

More to come soon!
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