Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Do you think your Gear is art?

I've been thinking about making some custom racks to hold my backpacking stuff. Not just a rack for the closet but one that would be welcome and add something to the room. Well that got me thinking about how I consider my hobbies and gear as art. I've always saw my Mtn.Bikes as art. There is a wood stand that holds two mountain bikes, I've always liked the idea of my bikes in the front room. My paintball markers, I've always wanted wall mounts for. Now I want to frame my backpacking gear in specially made pods of different themes. First theme for my backpack "pod" will be a viking theme with viking dragon's on the top and bottom. I also want to do a sleeping bag decompressor(IE hanging rack) out of a Torii. As of late a friend of mine and I have been dump diving. What I mean by dump diving is we go to the local dump and search around in the Construction and development landfill. You wouldn't believe the good wood people throw away. Another good source for getting some hard woods are pallets. There a pain to get apart but, you can find elm, and oak all over.
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