Monday, July 30, 2007

Review : Palm TX

Well I was skeptical when I was looking at PDA's. Would I really use one? Is it worth it? How will the wifi work? Will it be any help with backpacking and photography? Well here's what I found out. Like any new tech gadget it get's used a ton when you first get it. When it finally works in to you is when you truly see if you need it. I find myself pulling it out of my bag from time to time. Putting in dates and notes that I might want to keep for a long time. So truth is yea..I'm using it. The calender function is nice. It's all ready saved me from messing up a work schedule and missing a shift. The to-do list is nice and annoying enough that you want to get things done. The microsoft app's are awesome. To do a spread sheet while sitting in the car, waiting for kids to get out of a movie is awesome. I started a MSdoc while out camping with the kids in the mountains. So it's nice. I like using it. The wifi is pretty short ranged and the browser is well...odd unless your looking at a mobile version of a website. Still it does work in a pinch. I can pull emails from my Gmail account with no problems. Only problem is it pulls...every email I have in my account. Small problem I haven't found a way around.

So...if your tech friendly, need a little organization, take a look at one.
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