Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jakes new bike

Ever since I've had kids I've always insisted on getting them good bikes. Head to the local bike shop and spring a few more bucks for a bike that fits right and will last ten times as long. There are those that will disagree with me on this. Saying that by the time the bike wears out that they will be ready for a bike anyway. I don't think so. We still have Josh's first bike. He rode that bike to kindergarten. I've had to replace a few things. Not for the fact that it's worn out however. The shifter broke after Jenny let a friend borrow it one time. Why is it always one time? Any how I replaced it with a old thumb shifter I had. To this day you can still take it down and have it work. So we ran to Cheyenne and went straight to the bike store. Found a bike that fit Jake, and he took a ride on it. Fit great, with a little room to grow. He already looks much better on this bike then any he's had in the past. Jakes never been a bit bike person. I hope this one turns it around a bit for him.
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