Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Extream Hobbiest

I'm sure this has been thought up before.  I'm sure it's been stated many times in reviews and gear lists.  I just want to write this in my Blog as a reminder.  It's hard for me to stay the course even thou I know the end result will be better.  The idea as I see it, is for what ever hobby it is, what ever recreational activity, to make a durable, dependable, quality, set of tools for what ever the purpose.

An example for this is my paintball collection.  When I say collection I mean collection.  At one time I had three times as many markers as I did family members.  I have markers that I would drag to the field and not even use.  Worse I would try to use multiple markers.  Spending time setting them up, trouble shooting, getting them ready, to what...play one game and then put them back in there box.  So this year instead of concentrating on the marker I want to concentrate on the playing.  I'll bring two markers.  One main, one back up.  One hpa tank and one co2 tank.  No more "One main marker, a back up and a marker or two I'd like to try.  I'll bring two hpa tanks and three co2's so I can set up all the markers and change between them easily.".  Cause that's bull.  I never get to use them all, but I spend all this time trying to get to use them.  So this year I'm trying to force myself to thin down the paintball gluttony.  I've sold and traded several markers that were very dear to me.  Markers I'd imagined, drawn, faxed and had custom made.  However I've never or rarely used them.  The good memories don't reside in that marker.  They reside in me.  And that is the concept that is so hard to grasp sometimes.  I've thinned out the herd, given things away and made deals that I never would have if I hadn't been thinking this way.  Yes I have bought some things.  However MOST of what I've bought has been to make something better, more durable, or easier to use.  Yes there are times I get wrapped up in something I shouldn't.  Those time are getting less and less now.

So this mentality extends to other hobbies such as archery.  Why do I need three bows, when one will do?  Cycling : Why have four bikes when you really only need one?  Backpacking : Why have four backpacking stoves when you really only need two?(butane and liquid fuel..gotta have choices)  It's not easy.  Especially for me.  I'm a gear guy.  I love new gear.  The feel of a new mtn.bike saddle, the soft touch of a titanium cooking set, the beauty of nickle plated pgp.  However it doesn't make them better then the ones I all ready have.

To sum up.  Look at what you have.  Then truly see what you REALLY need.  Get rid of the rest.  Improve on what you kept if you need to.  In the end things will be more fun and the experience better by far.
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