Thursday, March 18, 2010

I've been tying a lot of knots as of late and when I started thinking about SPE coming up I thought I'd prep a few of my 10rnd tubes with make shift speed caps. I've done it in the past, ziptie, electrical tape and 550cord or thicker plastic string. However this year I thought...maybe I should dress it up a little bit. Use a turk's head knot and then finishing it out in a variety of ways. I found some smaller diameter black nylon cord. I went thru a few tries with the turk's head but then got it looking pretty decent. Here was my first effort :

I didn't like the knot inside the cap, so on my second one I made a pair of holes and routed the cable in and then out with some room to slide a little so it can adjust a little. Here's the second one :

I then tried a lighter weight nylon cord/string that I had, so I could use some other bits I had. It turned out ok, but I like the heavier black cord or 550. The light weight cord :

Then for giggles, because I didn't think it would work out at all I did one using gutted 550 cord. This one ended up being my favorite of them all. The weave on the tube shows up awesome and I just like std issue 550 cord best. Yea the holes in the cap are a little bigger, but I don't think that's a issue.

So my big question is. Do you guyz and galz think there's a market out there for these?
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