Thursday, October 4, 2012

Winter Commuting

This was the lowest temperature commute so far.  It was 32º when I left the house.  Luckily I had a tailwind of about 5-10mph.  It made the trip up the hill much more pleasant.  I did get a taste of the wind when I turned at the top of the hill.  I don't think my hands and feet would have been as warm if I'd have had to deal with a headwind.

My head was also preoccupied thinking about this blog post.  Kept my mind off of being cold.  Here's what I was thinking about.  I figured I'd rate my winter/cold weather commutes on a 1-10 scale.  All the factors will be added up and the rating for the ride will be that result.

For the Head, Hands, Chest, Lets and Feet : One will be useless frozen hunks of meat.  Ten will be Normal, warm functional appendage.
Overall Physical feel : One will be, legs and body fried, can't move.  Ten would be a great ride with energy to spare.

Head - 7 ok but fine (Helmet and thin head sock)
Hands - 5 ok but functioning (light fleece gloves)
Chest - 8 warm (med blue fleece jacket)
Legs - 7 warm (jeans)
Feet - 5 ok I can feel my toes (keen boots/tall but thin hiking socks)
Overall Physical feel - 5 (legs tired)

Bike ratings as follows.  One will mean total equipment failure.  Ten means it totally served it's purpose and I need to write more positive reviews on it.

Bike: Redline Monocog
Tires - 3(pretty sure they will both be flat for the trip home. Lost a lot of air on the way up)
Brakes  - 7(chattery but fine)
Drivetrain - 6(BB needs replaced)
Overall/Other - 7(lights great, Fubar??)

Total Score: 60

Things to change - Heavier socks, Windstopper gloves, More slime or better tire sealant, change BB.

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