Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Streching the legs

As the temps topped out at 58 degrees for the day, I flew home from work with the idea of getting in a good ride while it was nice.  By the time I assembled what I thought I'd need for a nice long ride, the temp had dropped to 55 degrees.  I had a idea of what I wanted to ride, just wasn't sure if I could get it done.  So I set out on my single speed with mytracks on.  So I could see what my average MPH would be.  Odin's Revenge needs you to pull 10mph average or they pull you off the race.  Yes I was riding my single speed, yes it had mountain gearing, yes it was the first time I'd put my butt in a saddle for sometime.  However I wanted to see what I could accomplish.

The sign pretty much tells you how my run turned out.  I averaged about 9mph.  There were a lot of times I could have used a lot better suited gear ratio.  I spun out a lot.  I did get to finally try out a little road I'd been wanting to ride.  At the end of it I did feel bad however.  It started at the top of a hill, went over a cattle guard and past some oil field equipment.  It looked to be a very established path.  Then it got better and better and better.  There was even a very cool decent to a tunnel that passed under the Interstate.  The bittersweet part was the No trespassing sign on the opposite end of the route.  It looked to be quite new.  Damage done, I rode on.  Turned on my light for the last couple miles.  All said and done, I logged 19.8 miles.  Not bad for a couple hours on a single speed
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