Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Reign of Joab's Giant

Joab twisted and turned wrenches to finish up his Giant.  He really wanted to take a few test runs with it before the rain clouds came in.  Gotta give him credit.  He did most of the build here with only a little instruction from dear old Dad. 
Joab has been asking to drive more.  So what better chance then letting him drive Grandpa's truck.  I rode with him, but he pulled it down to the building and we loaded up our bikes for a few downhill runs in the pasture.  Since the build was fresh we thru in my mobile took kit and Joab brought a shovel to make some "sweet jumps".
 We scouted out a few different places to try and build some berms and jumps.  Then headed further down in the pasture to get some downhill riding in.

We rode in some light rain, but it didn't dampen Joabs spirits.  He loves the new ride.  I think it still needs a bit of tuning and we'll probably be swapping out forks.  For now it's great and he's loving it.
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