Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 22nd Commute - Heat wave

After last weeks morning temps between 25 and 35 degrees.  This mornings 45 degrees felt like a heatwave. 

Temp - 45/63 degrees
Wind - 5mph sustained/ 15mph gusts

Head - 10 Awesome (Light buff over ears)
Hands - 10 Awesome (Columbia gloves - perfect for the morning)
Chest - 10 Awesome (Pearl Izumi Jacket)
Legs - 8 Good (Jeans - Fine, they kept slipping down and I felt like my crack was showing.  Only a problem for those behind me)
Feet -10 Awesome (Boots and flat pedals)
Overall Physical feel - 9 (after three months of commuting almost nonstop it's a pretty easy ride in the single speed.)

Bike ratings as follows.  One will mean total equipment failure.  Ten means it totally served it's purpose and I need to write more positive reviews on it.

Bike: Redline Monocog
Tires - 8(Should have topped off the tires for a bit more roll)
Brake  - 8(Not a word)
Drivetrain - 8(Silky smooth)
Overall/Other - 9(Monocog is a great rig)

Total Score: 90

Things to change - Raise up the seat a smidgen.

Things I noticed -  15 degrees makes a huge difference.
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