Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November 5th Commute - First Snow Commute

Looking out the window this morning the snow didn't look to be sticking to the road.  Just damp.  I could deal with that.  I added my fleece vest even thou the temperature didn't require it.  I just wanted to see how much more heat it added.  The answer was - Almost too much.  I was thankful for it however.  It kept a lot of snow off my Pearl Izumi jacket and that in turn I think would have cooled me down.  My legs are where the work needs to be done.  I'm going to have to get a pair of cheap rain pants to go over my other pants for the commute in.  I thought about wearing my goggles but packed them in my bag instead.  Wasn't a big deal.  Had to try it.  At least the road wasn't frozen.  That might be this afternoon...

Temp - 32/36degrees
Wind - 6mph sustained out of the North

Head - 10 Awesome (Light buff over ears and fleece buff on collar)
Hands - 10 Awesome (Columbia gloves - perfect for the morning)
Chest - 10 Awesome (Pearl Izumi Jacket and fleece vest.  Almost too much.)
Legs - 5 Tolarable (Jeans - Got pretty cold and wet.)
Feet -8 Good (Boots and flat pedals)
Overall Physical feel - 9 (Little more resistance in the snow but not much.)

Bike ratings as follows.  One will mean total equipment failure.  Ten means it totally served it's purpose and I need to write more positive reviews on it.

Bike: Redline Monocog
Tires - 8(Fine not sliding in the snow)
Brake  - 8(Not a word)
Drivetrain - 8(Silky smooth)
Overall/Other - 9(Monocog is a great rig)

Total Score: 85

Things to change - Find a way to stay drier in the snow.

Things I noticed -  Cars throw a bigger wake of slush then trucks do.
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