Thursday, November 7, 2013

Head gear battle

As the temperature drops my thoughts turn to clothes to keep me warm and keep me riding.  Right now I've been focusing on head gear.  I run the same helmet so far(might change when it gets really cold).  A standard hole riddled Giro bike helmet.  It should also be said that I'm bald.  So these findings are a bit skewed towards the follicular challenged.

So far here's what I've been using.  A single buff on the head if the temp drops below say 40ish degrees.  Then another polar buff for my neck and bottom of my face if the temp drops below 32ish degrees.

Std Buff
polar buff

 This combo has worked pretty well in the past.  The polar buff does what' it's suppose to and keeps drafts from going down my jacket.  It also keeps my neck and chin out of the wind.  While the std buff keeps my head warm and dry.  They overlap a bit for double the ear protection.  So far I've yet to get cold with this set up.  I have had the std buff get a bit sweaty when the temps aren't that cold.

So why would I mess with such a perfect combo?  Mainly cause it's in my nature to try and find a bit of gear that might be better then then what I've been using.  Hence why I wore the
Under Armour ColdGear Infrared Hood today.

Temp out this morning was around 24degrees.  Layer wise this fit almost the same under my helmet as my buff's would.  I'd say it was a bit cooler then dual buff's.  Plus it's not as versatile as the buff system is.  It's either neck and head or neither.  With the buff's the the option of one or the other.  I'll wear it a few more times before I totally make up my mind on it.
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