Thursday, March 24, 2016

Icey roads suck....

Ugh....what a morning. I went against the advice of my SO and decide to ride this morning. I mean I've got a fatbike it won't be a problem right? Lowered the pressure in the tires and set out. I should have taken the hint when the bike came out from underneath me 100 feet from the house and turned around. However I didn't. I got back on and kept going. I didn't fall off again the rest of the way. Well until about half way thru my ride my front tire went flat. So walk to work or walk home? I decided to walk home. I called Jen and asked for pick up. Tucked my tail between my legs, licked my wounds and drove to work. Moral of the story is...Icey roads suck and so do flat tires.
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