Saturday, April 16, 2016

Food Review: Mountain House Breakfast Skillet

As I am going to start traveling the land some time in the near future I figured I should have some idea of what sort of food I might be making.  This brings me around to my backpacking days.  The days of freeze dried food.  My fondest memory of freeze dried food is Jenny, Jake and I huddled under a tree/bush in the rain making spaghetti.  I probably could have made two more bags of the stuff.  I don't remember it tasting that great but they loved it.

However this review isn't about that time.  This is many years in the future and I'm thinking about bikepacking.  That's right BIKEpacking.  Someone asked me why I'm trying the food before I go.  I told them I don't want to be out on the trail with a empty belly.  I'd like to fill it with foods l like.  Hence trying before I go.  Alright lets get started.

 I am going to rate these all against the real thing.  That's the only way to be fair.  So I prepared it per instructions.  WITH the optional stir point at 5 minutes.  After 9 minutes in the bag the result was about 2 cups of ...stuff.

 You could tell the eggs and the green peppers and red.  That's about where it stopped.  I was hoping for a little more from the potatoes.  They were pretty runny and not the greatest in consistency.  You could tell the eggs were eggs but there taste was pretty bland.  As I ate the taste did get better.  I only ran into a few bits that weren't re-hydrated.  As a test I put some in a skillet and fried it all a bit.  I thought maybe getting rid of a bit of the excess moisture would help it.  It did help the potatoes a bit but it made the eggs very spongy.  I wouldn't recommend this.  I would recommend some cheese if you have any and maybe a tortilla.  These two thing would have made it very good.  Even just the cheese.  As a final test I asked the cats to have a taste.  Both wouldn't come near it.  Fail.

I'll give it a 6 out of 10.  You can eat it but I feel there are better breakfast foods out there.  The consistency wasn't what I was hoping for and I think it would be displeasing to others as well.  Taste was overall ok.  Nothing put me off that much.  The few bits of unhydrated food were a turn off as well.

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