Friday, November 2, 2012

Nov - 2nd Commute

It's a warm one for November.  Gotta ride on a morning like this.  This morning a question arose when I stopped before the climb outta town and checked my tires.  My rear tire had gone low.  Not low enough that riding would do damage or even low enough that it unstable in turns.  Just low enough that there was a noticeable change in rolling resistance.  So does one stop and air it up or just ride?  I choose just ride.  Yea, for better or worse I made it to work.  Little more sweaty then I'd like but I made it.  Low tire and all.  I suspect it'll be fully flat by the end of work today.

Temp - 55degrees

Head - 9 ok but fine (Just Helmet)
Hands - 9 ok great (riding gloves)
Chest - 7 Hot (Fox DH jersey)
Legs - 9 warm (jeans)
Feet - 9 warm (soconey running shoes with thin biking socks)
Overall Physical feel - 6 (climb felt like a lot of work this morning.  Either a low rear tire makes a huge difference of I just need to ride more.)

Bike ratings as follows.  One will mean total equipment failure.  Ten means it totally served it's purpose and I need to write more positive reviews on it.

Bike: Redline Monocog
Tires - 4(rear tire lost some air on the way up)
Brakes  - 6(squeeky but fine)
Drivetrain - 6(BB needs replaced)
Overall/Other - 7(Replaced the FuBar and went back to a std bar.  Put on a new seat and it still needs a bit of adjusting.)

Total Score: 72

Things to change - More slime or better tire sealant, change BB.

Things I noticed -  A lady in her knickers dragging a overly large dog to the back yard as a cat ran to the front yard.

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