Monday, March 25, 2013

Little Garage time...

We needed to figure out the brakes on Joab's new bike.  So we got to log a little garage time Sunday afternoon.   While we were there I took some pictures.

Well here's the reason we were in the garage.  Bleeding brakes.  Finally got everything the way Joab wanted it.

Left side of the bench.  Yes thumbies rule.

Middle bench.  Lubes...growler...old Marzochi arch.  Sorry no Right bench today.  He wasn't up to it.

Many bits from many HS33's thru the years

Row of seats.  Some old, some new.

The traveling tools.  Joab's tool box and all of mine.  Never know when you'll need that tool....

 My youngest working hard.  Getting that new rig ready to fly.

Trying to keep working a little longer...

Waiting for Summer.

Sleeping bikes.  Waiting to be rode.

Little Indoor playset.

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